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Big Barda's Black Baby Girl: Here's why I don't care about that woman losing her job #openseasononblackgirlsisover


She came for babies.

At the worst level

She came for a dead 17 year old who records show didn’t want to lead a weird man to his house where his little brother lived.

And then she came for a baby girl.

She took a photo of A CHILD.

Not to say how cute. Not to observe but to publicly embarrass…

Required reading

A Thousand Angsty Whales, all pumping iron: DO IT NOW: Guide to Proper Bra Fit and Measuring because Victoria Secret and La Senza and whatever are full of shit and...


Hi guys I’m obsessed with this shit lately because I don’t want anyone to have unhappy, unsupported boobs like I did. Even if you think your boobs and bras are fine, try it. It will make a big difference in comfort, support, and shape, even if you have small boobs or big boobs. A proper fitting…

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